Using Social Media to get the “Word” out

Getting your “message” out is possible through the effective use of Social Media resources.

  • Create a strategy for the use of each resource – Pinterest for images, Twitter for conversation, YouTube for Videos, etc.
  • Identify your audience – Who likes what I am writing about? Who shares my ideas?
  • Present your information genuinely and transparently – Don’t pretend or exaggerate.
  • Remember the value of Service over Selling – The biggest reward comes from being a service to others.
  • Optimize your presence – Reduce replication, redundancy and duplication.
  • Create “eye candy” visibility – Make the subject matter appealing.
  • Be committed to your presence – stay active – Be committed to grow the information channel.
  • Watch what’s trending – Analyze and respond accordingly.
  • Monitor your activity with web tools – analytics and other resources to gauge interaction.
  • Create content appealing to others – Avoid toxic and obnoxious ravings.
  • Seek relationships over followings – Invite others to collaborate and interact.
  • Create a schedule for managing your Social Media – Mondays for Facebook, Tuesdays for Twitter, Wednesdays for YouTube, Etc.

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