Ellen Clark Sargent

Ellen Clark was born in Massachusetts in 1826. As a teenager in Newburyport, Massachusetts, she fell in love with Aaron Augustus Sargent, 1 year her junior, an aspiring journalist and politician. Both taught Sunday school in the local Methodist Church. In 1847 Aaron Sargent left Ellen to go west. By 1849, he came to Nevada City, California, to search for gold. He built a four-room house on Broad Street and in early 1852 returned to Newburyport, where he and Ellen were married on March 15. They arrived in Nevada City that October. Ellen wrote of her arrival: “My good husband had before my arrival provided for me a one story house of four rooms including a good sized pantry where he had already stored a bag of flour, a couple of pumpkins and various other edibles ready for use.”

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